World Peace & Diplomacy Organization

World Peace & Diplomacy Organization – WPDO, Foundation is registered in the state of Delaware, USA as a private, non-stock corporation, aiming at resolving conflicts & prevailing peace amongst and within the nations. It earlier came into existence in 2011 from CIHF- Confederation of Indian Healthcare Foundation when the need to find and bring together like-minded peace advocates was strongly felt. Although, an initiative for peace was not a new notion, formation of WPDO became utmost important in the growing affairs of a new unrest & agitation which has been recently settling down the world over.

Peace is an elusive term having diverse meanings according to time, place and people. Peace within a human mind is different from peace amongst nations. And yet, a nation comprising of peaceful people with love in their hearts is more likely to remain in a state of peace than the one which has more people at turmoil, unrest and hatred. The founders of WPDO feel that in order to fight this unrest, one must find the inner peace from within.

The aim of WPDO is to propagate this need for peace through as many like minded peace advocates as possible who would work towards peace building by eliminating the main factors that initiate conflicts & unrest in people. No or proper education, unemployment, insecurity, racial bias, religious faiths, etc. are the factors that shake the inner peace by stimulating unrest in people. Eliminating these factors would lead to a peaceful mind which will eventually help prevail global peace