The Honorable Yohan Byrde

The Honorable Yohan Byrde has a vast background in International Business Development, Branded hotels, Education and Psychology and has held many key positions in a broad range of fields ranging from the UN,- Airline Industry, Food Industry, Storage Industry, Commercial and Global Trading, Education and Counseling, Politics and Political strategies, Policies, International Relations, International and Local Economic Community Development, New Business Development, Hospitality, Hotel, Resort, Entertainment & Fashion Consultancy, Change Management.

Ambassador Byrde also served on over 18 boards and committees nationally and internationally and has wide experience in Board Governance, International Business Development, Education, Globalization and consulting, public policy and European Affairs and was recently appointed to the Directorate Global Diplomatic Council. On 5 March 2021

Mr. Byrde was appointed High Commissioner – Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs and Dean/Director of NHRF GATC. He is a member of the Jacobs-Abbey Global University faculty, Department of Strategic Leadership and lectures in Organizational Motivation and performance