success stories

One of the reasons I chose Jacobs-Abbey Global Institute for Leadership Studies is because I was impressed by the strong Faculty. Also, the advisors are super personable and make this feel like home.

Madeline Cole,
Gender studies program

I want to understand what theoretical approaches on counseling in the field and how their previous trauma affects their interactions with clients. And I want to become an advocate for the profession and help counselors change the world in every possible way.

Samantha Simon,
counselor education

I chose JAGILS over other schools because the students and training faculty are very welcoming and extremely open to collaborations and sharing ideas.

Vivian Asare,
Child Mental Health Studies

I chose JAGILS because of the innovative and diverse research provided by the faculty. I have received incredible mentorship throughout my time in the program. This supportive and engaging research environment has helped me become a better scholar.

Sony Kane,
Peace and Conflict Studies

The International Human Rights Law program provides everything a student needs to succeed; mentorship, diverse research support, technology, and an appetite for the law. You will find that with ambition, nearly all good ideas have traction in this community. I strongly recommend this program for its ability to not only foster creative thinking, but to execute it through collaborative process.

Douglas Sam,
International Human Rights Law studies

I chose the Security Studies at JAGILS because the training faculty in the program are very well funded and highly regarded within the diplomatic community. Additionally, the program exposes me to many diverse areas of research besides my own, which will be extremely beneficial for me moving forward in my graduate career and beyond as I explore other research interests of mine .

Abena Cranson,
Security Studies