Maxwell K. Donkor, AAS CompTIA, SAP

(Chief Technical Officer ) - [email protected]

Maxwell Kofi Efrem Donkor has many years of experience in the technology field in varying portfolios. He brings to the JAGIL many years of system development and design with effective management of optimized solutions towards business objectives. He holds an associate degree in computer Science. Maxwell is certified in technology entrepreneurship from the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, Accra Ghana.

He is a certified system security expert from CompTIA and holds other certifications in SAP, Sage, Oracle, Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems. He has experience with technology businesses and early-stage startup management. He is an alumnus of DEMO Africa and was one of the pioneers to be elected to the higher stage of DEMO California. An avid supporter of technology and has started technology businesses in Ghana and the USA.

Proven IT Specialist with experience in start-ups as well as established operations leveraging expertise in organization, computer networking, and problem solving to provide exceptional user support and assistance in resolving conflict. Experience includes managing sensitive materials and providing after-hours support for clients.

An astute technology business personnel and a technology consultant to small scale businesses in the Northern Virginia and its environs. Maxwell is passionate about using technology to impact lives positively in the best possible way.