Koudjo Mawuli KLEVO

(Director of European Affairs ) - [email protected]

Koudjo Mawuli KLEVO, Director of European Affairs is an untiring development, peace and youth advocate with over a decade experience in NGO management. He holds a MA in Literature and American Studies. Koudjo is a certified expert in Democratic Citizenship, Human Rights and Conflict Transformation. His areas of expertise also include Journalism and Diplomacy.

With Investing in Youth an international youth led organization, Koudjo Mawuli KLEVO provided support and skills building opportunities to various organizations and youth groups in Africa, Asia and Europe.

He served as member of the Youth ADVISORY board of the African Union as member of the Steering Group on the Africa-Europe Youth Summit. In October 2017 he has been invited as panelist during the EU Nigeria Business Forum. In Bilbao where he resides since 2008, Koudjo works to support organizations and introduce them to European founding mechanisms such as the European Youth Foundation, Europe for Citizens and Erasmus Plus. Koudjo Mawuli KLEVO works as collaborator and consultant in various organizations and institutions including the Basque Observatory on Immigration. Recently he has been elected General Delegate of Togolese Diaspora in Spain. He is also the national focal point of the African Union Youth Initiative.

As he always says, his goal in life is to continue learning and participating. He strongly believes joining JAGILS offers avenues for that.

Koudjo he is a multilingual that speaks and writes in French, English, Spanish and his mother tongue Ewe.