Host JAGILS in your country for a world class Leadership session

Hosting a Cohort/Conference

Bids to host a JAGILS cohort/ conference will be considered and approved by the Board of Trustees in consultation with the Executive Management Team. Academic Institutions, local organizations, government agencies and civil society organization are encourage to bid to host JAGILS cohort/ conference

Organizations bidding to host the conference should address the following matters in their documentation:

  • Demonstrate that the bid enjoys wide support from government or local government. Bids should be accompanied by supportive letters from organizations such as government bodies, universities, and community groups.
  • Demonstrate the capacity and experience of the local organizers to run a major international event, including setting up a web site to publicize the event, arranging venues, helping develop the program, and organizing attractive social events.
  • Describe the proposed conference facilities to show they are attractive and efficient for a conference of 50-100 registrants.
  • Present a draft budget outlining the main costs and the anticipated income for the conference. What will be the major items of expenditure? What will be the main sources of income? What will be the estimated registration fees?
  • Explain how delegates from developing countries will be supported to participate in the conference. This might be, for example, by offering reduced registration fees for people from third world countries or disadvantaged communities.
  • Include interesting and attractive social events during the conference, and tourist opportunities before and after the conference.

The bidding group has responsibility for all logistical and physical arrangements for the conference. It bears joint responsibility for all financial aspects of the conference.

The bidding group will:

  • provide the venue and conference catering, taking registrations, organizing the secretariat, arranging a social program and publicity
  • collect all income (registration fees, sponsorship), pay all conference expenses, and retain all profits (or be responsible for any losses)
  • provide a list of all registrants with their email addresses immediately after the conference

The Jacobs-Abbey Global Institute for Leadership Studies is responsible for the overall success of the conference. It will consult with and advise the Program Committee and the Local Organizing Committee.

The JAGILS Committee will:

  • select the host country
  • advise and assist the Local Organizing Committee on all aspects of the conference
  • work with the Local Organizing Committee to draw up detailed plans for the management of the conference including conference themes and a schedule
  • Elect a Program Committee to draft the call for abstracts, consider plenary speakers and draft the final conference program.
  • suggest plenary speakers to the Program Committee
  • help publicize the conference, including the calls for abstracts and registrations
  • nominate members to evaluate abstracts for the conference
  • conduct an evaluation of the conference post-event
  • Conferences will be in English with another language and translation services provided where appropriate.