The Jacobs-Abbey Global Institute for Leadership Studies emerged because His Excellency Dr. Samuel Jacobs-Abbey and his lovely wife Naa Kordee Jacobs-Abbey has maintained a long-term dream of providing quality training and learning to emerging leaders. The story has it that Ambassador Dr. Samuel Jacobs-Abbey travelled around the world working with international organizations and Civil Society organizations in solving impossible conflicts, building capacity of young leaders, enhancing women capacity and training scholars and professional. After years of research, participation, and involvement in high level activities, he concluded that there is a need to create a place where everyone respects everyone else with emphasis focused on human beings and not systems and processes to simply amass a fortune in material goods. Where the values are based on principles and not greed. A place where all men are brothers and all women sisters. A place where creative thinking is valued and part of the culture. A place of peace. A place where no one goes hungry or unclothed or without shelter and access to information.


The Why? Question became paramount after years of searching and asking? Upon the realization that there was no clear answer to the why question. He turned to what can be done. That led to the establishment of the Jacobs-Abbey Global Institute for Leadership Studies as perfect vehicle for positive change.