Ama Bortsie, MSW, BS

(Board Member) - [email protected]

Ama Bortsie is the current President for the Inspirers Network of the Jacobs-Abbey Global Institute for Leadership Studies. She is a clinical social worker by profession and is the lead clinician at the Children’s Study Home (CSH) in Springfield, MA. Ama is both diligent to her clinical practice and committed to the profession. She has 11 years of experience in as a licensed certified social worker after obtaining her master’s in social work. Ama’s main area of practice is with highly traumatized children and families. She is particularly skilled with girls that have been commercially sexually exploited, the impact it has on development and general life outcome for both the individual girl and their families.

Aside from being a clinical social worker, Ama is very dedicated to her church. She currently serves as the presiding deaconess for her local church. She does a lot of work within the youth ministry for her church locally, district wide and regionally.

Ama was born and raised in Ghana and migrated to the United States with her mother and siblings as a teenager. She obtained her Bachelor of Psychology degree from Smith College and continued to obtain her Master of Social Work from Springfield College. Ama went into working with incarcerated young men immediately after obtaining her masters and did that for about 7 years, before transitioning to CSH where she currently remains.

She is now married for the past 9 years to Ekow Bortsie, and they are blessed with two adorable girls, Anaya and Amaliah. Ama is the Inspirers Alumni Network representation on the Jacobs-Abbey Global Institute for Leadership Studies Board as a non-executive member