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The mission of Jacobs-Abbey Global Institute for Leadership Studies is to bring leaders across the globe together to learn Transformational leadership skills, engage in activities that foster ethical behavior, build an inclusive community, demonstrate social responsibility and inspire a commitment to excellence.


The vision of Jacobs-Abbey Global Institute for Leadership Studies is to develop ethical, responsible, civic minded leaders who contribute positively to their local and global communities for positive and constructive purposes.



Jacobs-Abbey Global Institute for Leadership Studies is based on the belief that there is a new generation of potential leaders reaching adulthood who are internally prepared to depart from the leadership styles and consciousness  of past, to forge and implement a new paradigm in the world. Our intent is to support them in their development by providing a curriculum in peace building, conflict management, regional integration, security studies, human rights and consciousness designed to help them become consciously aware, high integrity and heart centered leaders in their communities and the world.



The Corporation shall work with partners and stakeholders to provide technical and non-technical solutions and services that impact the below listed areas of objectives

  • Provide a variety of leadership development opportunities within a tiered structure for civil society organizations, students, and highly experienced junior/senior leaders.
  • Collaborate with like-minded organization and other professional institutions to provide state of the art leadership training using technology and face to face training to deliver experiential learning opportunities.
  • Develop professional goals, create action plans, and analyze progress in preparation for assuming increased responsibility.
  • Increase collaboration between international organizations working to improve culturally responsive practices.
  • Learn with and from nationally and internationally recognized scholars and practitioners of culturally responsive practices.
  • Understand and use the research and theory behind culturally responsive practices.
  • Develop a coherent, context-specific theory of action and logic model to conceptualize team’s culturally responsive practices. 
  • Serve as a clearinghouse of information regarding leadership opportunities.