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The history behind Jacobs-Abbey Global Institute for Leadership Studies emerged because the founder of the Institute. Ambassador Dr. Samuel Jacobs-Abbey travelled around the world looking with International organizations and Civil Society organization solving impossible conflicts, building capacity of young leaders, enhancing women capacity and training scholars and professional. He concluded that the world needs to create a place where everyone respects everyone else with emphasis focused on human beings and not systems and processes to simply amass a fortune in material goods. Where the values are based on principles and not greed. A place where all men are brothers and all women sisters. A place where creative thinking is valued and part of the culture. A place of peace. A place where no one goes hungry or unclothed or without shelter and access to information.

He spent many years looking at the world around him asking, “Why?" He never found any answers to that question and eventually realized he was wasting his time asking the wrong question. He turned to what can be, the potential that is within our capacity of attainment, and ask, "Why not? If it could be done, and he believed very strongly that it can, how would we do it?" that is where he established Jacobs-Abbey Global Institute for Leadership Studies to be the perfect vehicle for positive change 

Some may found his vision of changing an entire country as overly ambitious or just plain crazy, but he see not only that as a real probability, He is looking far beyond to Africa, with all her problems, the UN, America, China, the world. We are an inclusive organization with inclusive thinking at the core of our being. It permeates everything we teach and do as well as the way we conduct our business affairs. We live what we teach and learn from doing so, always adapting as change dictates, always expanding to include more ideas and more people. It is a natural growth process, a spiraling life cycle and it is just beginning.

The outcome result will be a society of diversity based on mutual trust and respect, in which communications, information, ideas and dreams freely flow and become reality. There is no reason we cannot create the reality we all want and deserve. There are no barriers we cannot overcome. They are only speed bumps to those infused with the passion that only conviction in and alignment to commonly shared purposes can bring. Believe it and you will see it. This is what we teach. This is what we must live